Dartmouth, the University of Michigan, Bates, Harvard, Northwestern, and Wake Forest. These are just a few of the many prestigious schools where our students have been accepted. We teach our students how to differentiate themselves, craft their own stories, and showcase their unique talents. How do our students pitch themselves to each college and bring forth their best attributes? One of the most effective ways to do this is with your college essays. Why is the idea of a college essay so abstract, unknown, elusive, and confusing? Shouldn’t students have learned these necessary skills in high school, as we have known all along how critical the essays are in the college admissions process? This is where ConnectPrep comes in. We will help you brainstorm ideas to assist you in laying the foundation for the most captivating and unique story you have to offer. We will then walk you through outlining your essay and before you know it, you’ll be cranking out the first draft. Our instructors have been through this process with over 400 students and 300 different schools, so they know a thing or two about what admissions officers are looking for to maximize your chances of getting that acceptance letter. With the ConnectPrep team, your final essay will be engaging, showcasing your talents, and connect the reader to your passions. You will be one step closer to distinguishing yourself and setting yourself apart from a very large pool of applicants. We will help you open doors to many new exciting academic opportunities! To learn more about how ConnectPrep can benefit your high schooler, visit us at www.ConnectPrep.com or call us at (914) 288-5718.

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