State Tests

At ConnectPrep, we understand how to prepare and help you succeed at all levels. Depending on the state you live in, there may be specific testing requirements for students in different grade levels. We are here to help and regardless of the state you live in, we know what it takes to pass with flying colors.

New York

NYSTP – These tests are given to 3rd – 8th grade students in NYS. The NYSTP Common Core aligned assessments measure a students performance in ELA and Math. Students in 4th and 8th grade also take the New York State Science test.

NYS Regents – In the state of New York, Regents Examinations are standardized exams that covers specific core high school subjects. The successful passing of these exams are required in order to receive a Regents Diploma to graduate.

There are also specific exams and classes in New York that must be taken and passed in order to graduate.

Additionally there are two levels of diploma in the state of New York for graduation:

1: Regents Diploma
2: Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation

The requirements are as follows:

Regents Exam Requirements
A score of 65 or better is required on these Regents exams:
Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation
A score of 65 or better is required on these Regents exams:

Additional Designations

With Honors
The “with honors” designation is added to either Regents Diploma option for students with an average score of 90 or more on all required Regents exams.


New Jersey

Our ConnectPrep Instructor helped both of my high school students with multiple NYS Regents exams. They excelled on all of the exams and we couldn’t be happier with the results!
– Todd H., ConnectPrep Parent
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