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* Reach Your Goals!

Each year, the number of applicants applying to colleges increases, while the overall percentage of students accepted to schools is decreasing.
So how does ConnectPrep help you differentiate yourself from thousands of applicants?

Our students learn that in addition to grades and test scores the rest of the application needs to shine.

We build your brand that puts your application at the top of the pile.

We understand our students and recommend the best environment for them.

From networking and essays, to internships and hobbies, we highlight who you are as well as the attributes you would bring to each college.

Each student receives a personalized experience that focuses on every single component of their applications, including how to earn scholarships and work through the financial aid process.

Our results speak for themselves as over 95% of our student’s have been accepted to their top ranked colleges.

Our Process

Step 1

Step 1

Building a Team


Discuss goals, and establish a Game Plan moving forward with your CP Coach. This session will be focused on our approach and your aspirations. We’ll build a playbook that includes all of the steps needed to achieve your college dreams.

Step 2

Step 2

It’s Go Time!


Now that a plan is in place, we will begin establishing goals and milestones. Our services cover everything from test-prep, essays, to application/financial assistance. Your CP Coach will make sure you have a first rate application when applying to the colleges on your list.

Step 3

Step 3



Our goal is to put you in the best position to succeed. We will discuss your high school curriculum, recommendation letters, work with your school counselors, assess which standardized test (ACT vs SAT) is a better fit. We will list all of the steps between now and the submission of your application. Your CP Coach will review internship options, key extracurricular activities, as well as Early Decision (ED), Early Application (EA), and Regular Decision (RD) strategies.

Step 4

Step 4

Putting it ALL Together


Once you complete your standardized tests, we make sure you have fantastic letters of recommendation, internships, and worked through the essay requirements. This is where we build your brand. Whether it’s the Common Application, Coalition Application, or any other school requirement, we have you covered.

Step 5

Step 5



We make sure that we’ve covered all bases and superior application will be reviewed by the admissions committee. Now we wait for the good news and discuss the different packages being offered by each school.

Getting started is easy!

Please review our different packages and contact us for more information. We also offer customized packages for our students.


  • Our most flexible plan for students who need to be guided in the right direction, but want the flexibility to work with us when needed
  • We provide several package options with all application components listed in the All Inclusive plan
  • *Hours can be banked and used with multiple students
  • *Please visit our ConnectShare page for additional info with bankable hours


  • Evaluate and assemble a college list after the evaluation of a students’s:
  • Academic record, standardized test scores, internships, and extracurricular activities
  • Personal preferences and interests and goals
  • Complete all Common, Coalition, and official school applications
  • Completion of essays, resumes, and cover letters
  • Plan for interviews and college visits
  • Specialized portfolios for art, music, and theatre programs
  • Financial aid and scholarship qualification strategies


  • Evaluate and assemble a college list after the evaluation of a students’s:
  • Application support
  • Essay editing
  • Resumes and cover letters
  • Interview prep
  • Assembling a specialized portfolio
  • Financial aid and scholarship qualification strategies


  • We’ll go through a brainstorming session
  • Framing the essay
  • Working through a rough draft
  • Finishing a final iteration with an essay that captivates the admissions committee
  • A final edit to make sure all components are included and is error free


  • Our ConnectPrep team will showcase internships that truly catch the eye of a collegiate admissions panel.
  • Our one-on-one support will make sure you have:
  • A resume that pops with energy, accomplishments, and results
  • Teach you how to brand yourself, so schools learn who you are
  • Learn how to network to connect to a vast ecosystem of contacts
  • Individualize the internship search around your interests


  • Work one on one with a resume expert
  • Describe your achievements, research, leadership roles, and milestones
  • Enhance any activities and honors listed in the Common, Coalition, or school specific application
  • One on One sessions via video or in-person
  • Resumes will be worked on until you are 150% satisfied


  • We will help you navigate the entire college admissions financial aid process
  • From navigating FAFSA, to understanding public/private loan options, interests rates, and strategies for consolidation, we will have you covered from A-Z
  • Identify colleges with the most generous financial aid programs
  • Our admissions experts will determine eligibility with grants, scholarships, and loans
  • Our team will customize and assemble a portfolio to guide you every step of the way


  • Teach effective communication/interview skills
  • Mock interviews with a full Q and A session
  • We tailor your portfolio to stand out, and showcase your artistic talents
  • Our team professionally assembles all of the portfolio components
  • Videos
  • Website formatting
  • Online and Hard Copy submissions
  • Each individual school’s program requirement is met a multi-stage check system


  • Based on your career goals, our team will help you choose the right graduate program
  • Complete advising services for Masters, PhD, MBA, LAW, and Medical School candidates
  • Assistance with application requirements
  • Analysis of a programs reputation, and job placement to assist with career goals
  • Financial options with insights into program costs, loan options, and potential financial aid

Now An Lvy Leaguer

Simply put, Jeremy delivered. Jeremy also gave advice on schools to consider and ways to improve his common app. He was professional, fun, relatable, engaging, and a highly effective instructor. Happy to report my son was accepted early to Cornell University class of 2022! Doreen G.

My Application Stood Out

ConnectPrep worked on every component of my college applications. I am so grateful for their help as I am now a proud student at Dartmouth. Peter S.

More College Choices

ConnectPrep taught me how to really put together an application that will be recognized. I was ecstatic with my acceptance to Stanford! Sarah H.


ACT Essay


ACT Reading

New SAT Reading

Connor Barth

IT Team
Connor is a senior Electrical Computer Engineering student at the University of Rochester. He is currently employed as a IT Consultant at the Simon Business School. His main interests include computer technology and wireless communications. As the son of a college professor Connor not only enjoys the benefits of an engaged educational experience, but also understands the importance of learning and finding the correct educational environment. Connor looks forward to using his skills, passion and experience to help the ConnectPrep team succeed.

Yiyuan Wu

Data Analyst Team
I graduated from University of Kentucky with a bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics. I have tutored Algebra and Calculus I for undergraduate students throughout my undergraduate years. I am currently studying statistics at Rutgers University. I have a deep passion for education and believe that my mathematical and statistical skills can help improve the quality of education greatly.

Sam Callis

Social Media Team
Sam is a junior at the University of Rochester studying History with a minor in English literature. He has a deep passion for education and hopes to work in the field for the rest of his life.

Borja Rojo

Development Team
Borja Rojo is an Electrical and Computer Engineer at the University of Rochester, ’17, and also studies Computer Science and Audio Engineering. He has a passion for starting projects from the ground up and becomes inspired from reverse-engineering many kinds of systems. Now, he is helping design a portable ultrasound system to help with medical imaging on-the-go. Apart from his academics, you might see him designing a video game or recording his latest song. Here at ConnectPrep, he will be working on creating a web-based platform that automatically generates questions for students to study with and practice their skills.

Philip Fenimore

Development Team
Philip is an undergraduate at the University of Rochester studying Computer and Electrical Engineering. He enjoys realizing ideas through coding, like creating a 3d interactive environment with C# and modeling complex mathematical systems with Matlab. Philip is excited to work for ConnectPrep, using his set of skills to maximum effect on the data analytics team.

David Giannella

Development Team
David is attending the University of Rochester, pursuing a BS in Physics and Astronomy as well as a minor in Computer Science. He has gained knowledge of a number of programming topics including application development, data structures, and rendering. David is eager to use his programming skills to help ConnectPrep vault onto the web.

Matt Dombroski

Development Team
Matthew currently attends the University of Rochester studying for a degree in Computer and Electrical Engineering. He loves to design and build anything that catches his interest, from using only digital logic chips to construct a calculator or verilog code to design and test a CPU. He has also lead one week long science camps for the past two years, teaching young kids the basics of chemistry, physics, and electricity. Matthew is excited to put his talents and interests to use in helping implement the data analytics and graphics engines for ConnectPrep.

Jon Aho

Development Team
Jon is a Electrical and Computer Engineering student at the University of Rochester. He’s been coding for nearly 7 years, and has a number of comprehensive software and hardware projects under his belt. Currently employed as a Research Fellow at his university, he also works at implementing the ConnectPrep Analytics website.

Jon Aho

Development Team
Jon is a Electrical and Computer Engineering student at the University of Rochester. He’s been coding for nearly 7 years, and has a number of comprehensive software and hardware projects under his belt. Currently employed as a Research Fellow at his university, he also works at implementing the ConnectPrep Analytics website.

Deanna Thompson

Data Analyst Team

Deanna recently graduated from the University of Rochester with a BS in chemical engineering and legal studies minor. During her time as an undergraduate, she served as a writing tutor, speaking tutor, trained prospective tutors, and eventually served as the tutoring group’s president. Deanna is excited to work for ConnectPrep, continue to assist the tutoring process, and use her engineering background to help develop ConnectPrep’s analytic programs.

Jason Altabet

Analytics and Social Media Team

Jason has always had a thirst for education, whether it be for himself or for others. He is currently training to be a public speaking tutor for his university colleagues and, in addition, plays a central role on the Committee for Political Engagement, where he works to educate the student body on all matters political. At ConnectPrep he serves as the point man for social media, but when he gets the chance likes to try his hand at everything from analytics programming to web development. In his spare time you can expect to find him practicing fake law as a member of his school’s mock trial team, promoting class council initiatives, or working on his soccer “skills.” Jason currently attends the University of Rochester, majoring in Economics and Political Science.

Scott Luntz

IT Team
Scott is a senior at Purdue University studying Cybersecurity.He works with the IT team and has a passion for Internet security and threat detection. His goal is to use his knowledge in information technology to improve vulnerability analysis and fix any potential cyber issue before it becomes a problem.

Michelle Fine

Director of Operations
Michelle spent several years of her career in the fashion industry, learning about emerging trends in marketing and various aspects of planning a wholesale business. Michelle has had several opportunities to work directly with students, and her most recent transition into the field of education was inspired by her devotion to investing in the future of our youth and the fulfillment she experiences in this pursuit. She is eager to bring her experience and skill set to ConnectPrep to help all students reach new heights. Michelle graduated from the University of Florida with honors.

Kevin Bretthauer

Kevin is the co-founder of Connect Prep, specializing in technology and online services. Kevin is an Oregon native and Stanford University graduate. He has years of experience working in sales and marketing in the petroleum industry and has managed projects involving the promotion of bio-fuels and emissions reducing products. When he’s not working, Kevin enjoys playing golf, traveling, and watching college football. He has a passion for education as well as creating interactive educational software that will be able help more students reach their educational goals.

Jeremy Fine


Jeremy is our education guru. He has years of experience working as an educator with students of all ages, using cutting-edge academic and test-prep curricula to take learning to a new level. He has helped students score in the top percentiles on SAT’s, ACT’s, and receive top marks in many academic subjects. He brings a wealth of knowledge to our company, with a dynamic vision for innovation and market growth. Jeremy earned a BA from Washington University in St. Louis and an MPA from the University of Pittsburgh.

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