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Helping you achieve your college admission goals

Welcome to ConnectPrep, where we offer college advising services. Our advisors are very experienced and specialize in helping students throughout the college admissions process. We offer help with choosing the right college, strategies for applications, and guidance on writing essays. 

Whether you’re aiming for Ivy League schools or looking for a college that’s perfect for your goals, our approach is tailored to help you stand out in your applications.  educational dreams.


The ConnectPrep Advantage

With more applicants and lower acceptance rates each year, standing out in college admissions has never been more crucial. ConnectPrep is your key to differentiating yourself in this crowded field.

High Success Rate:

On average over 95% of our students per application cycle are accepted into their top ranked college. This includes very selective schools.

Expertise in Diverse Academic Fields:

Success in securing admissions in a wide range of programs, including highly competitive ones such as Direct Med BS/MD, top engineering , business programs, and various arts and humanities majors.

Financial Aid and Scholarship Expertise:

Comprehensive guidance through the financial aid process, including FAFSA, CSS Profile, and scholarship applications.

Experience Matters:

Our college advisors have on average 12+ years of experience and help students work through the entire application process.

Exceptional Test Prep Results:

Notable improvements in standardized test scores, contributing to successful college admissions.

1:1 Support

Personalized support for your college journey. We're here to answer your questions and ensure your application shines.

How ConnectPrep Can Help in Your College Journey​

Tailored Application Strategies

Our college advisors specialize in crafting strategies for all components of the application process. We focus on each student's strengths and passions to create standout applications that resonate with admissions committees

College Admissions Experts

We are an experienced team of college advisors who are well-versed in the latest trends and requirements of the application process. We provide in-depth guidance ensuring you're well-prepared for every step.

Building Skills for Lifelong Success

Our holistic approach extends beyond college admissions. We equip students with essential skills such as critical thinking, effective communication, and self-advocacy, preparing them for success in college and their future careers.

Consistent Support and Feedback:

We believe in the power of continuous engagement. Our college advisors offer regular check-ins, providing constructive feedback and adapting strategies to keep students on track towards their college goals. We'll help you develop a successful game plan.

Proven Success in College Admissions

ConnectPrep's track record in helping students gain admission to prestigious colleges and universities is a testament to our effective, personalized advising approach. Join the ranks of successful ConnectPrep students who have turned their college dreams into reality.

How do we help differentiate your application?

Why You?

We help you craft a personalized story that sells “Why You” to each school, highlighting your unique journey and aspirations.

Targeted School Research

Finding Your Perfect Fit: Our team conducts extensive research to find schools that offer the environment, resources, and programs that align perfectly with your needs.

Customized Applications

Tailored for Success: We assist in submitting outstanding applications, customized to meet each school’s specific admissions criteria.

Extracurricular Impact

Beyond Academics: Your involvement in extracurriculars, internships, and volunteer activities is crucial. We help make these experiences count in your application.

Interview Preparation

Ace the Interview: Prepare for interviews with our specialized mock interview process, designed to boost your confidence and presentation skills.

Incredible Writing Response

Elevate Your Expression: Our team guides you in crafting incredible writing responses that resonate with admissions committees. From personal statements to supplemental essays, we ensure your writing is compelling, clear, and reflective of your individual voice.

Networking and Mentorship

Building Key Relationships: We assist in networking and building relationships with mentors, faculty, and professionals to support your academic journey.

Passion Project

Your Passions Front and Center: We guide you in showcasing your unique talents and passions, helping the admissions committee see what makes you special.

Resume and LinkedIn

Polished and Professional: Create a top-notch resume and LinkedIn profile that reflect your academic and extracurricular achievements.

Maximize Your Financial Aid Potential

Your Journey Through College Financial Aid Made Easier – Embark on a clear path to understanding college financial aid with our easy-to-follow mindmap. It simplifies the complexities of college costs, unveils various financial aid options, and guides you through the application steps. Plus, get savvy with saving tips and insights into the Expected Family Contribution (EFC). Perfect for students and families gearing up for college, this guide is your ally in making informed financial choices. 



Our knowledgeable team stays ahead of FAFSA deadlines and guidelines, ensuring timely and accurate submissions. We help demystify the FAFSA process, increasing your chances of receiving optimal financial aid.



ConnectPrep excels in identifying and applying for scholarships that match your unique profile, enhancing your opportunities to secure additional funding for college.



Our services cater to international students, offering specialized support in financial aid applications and the SRAR process in the U.S. education system.



Our advisors at ConnectPrep University will help you understand your financial aid options, including grants, scholarships, and loans, and offer personalized strategies to maximize your financial aid package. 



We are here to guide you through important deadlines, aid in filling out key forms like the FAFSA and CSS Profile, and provide important insights to ensure the process is smooth and stress-free.



We support you in appealing financial aid decisions, providing guidance on how to effectively communicate changes in your financial situation.

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