College Advising Grades 6-11


Embark on your journey to your dream college with our advanced College Profile Enhancement Program. This program is meticulously crafted to maximize your potential in the college application process. We focus on key areas that make your application stand out.


At ConnectPrep, we offer personalized coaching that matches each student with a qualified coach to guide them academically, personally, and with extracurricular planning. Through success stories and testimonials, you can see how this tailored approach has transformed our students’ educational journeys.


Early Academic Planning (Grades 6-8):

We focus on academic guidance tailored to younger students, helping them select courses and engage in learning activities that spark their interests and lay a solid foundation

High School Academic Planning

Our Plan of Action (POA) provides a detailed roadmap for each high school year, adapting to students' evolving academic goals and college aspirations. Whether you are interested in taking AP/IB classes, deciding between science, math, and english classes, other electives, or between the ACT/SAT, we will discuss all scenarios, and make sure you are set up to succeed.

Extracurricular Activities

We encourage students to explore a variety of extracurricular activities to discover their passions. This could include joining clubs, sports teams, arts programs, or community service projects. We also advise on summer programs that align with students' interests and academic goals. These programs can provide valuable learning experiences and opportunities to explore potential career paths.Early engagement in these activities helps in developing skills and interests that can be further honed in high school.

Helping Hands

Voluteering and Leadership Development

We assist students in narrowing down their extracurricular involvement to areas where they can demonstrate commitment and leadership. This might involve taking on leadership roles in clubs, excelling in sports or arts, or deepening community service engagements.

Passion Project Development

We assist students in narrowing down their extracurricular involvement to areas where they can demonstrate commitment and leadership. This might involve taking on leadership roles in clubs, excelling in sports or arts, or deepening community service engagements.

High School Athletic Planning

We guide students in identifying and developing a passion project. This project should reflect a deep interest or a problem they are passionate about solving. It could range from scientific research to a social initiative, an artistic portfolio, or a tech project.

ACT/SAT Preparation

We provide comprehensive strategies for SAT/ACT preparation, including identifying the right time to take these exams and offering resources for effective study and practice.


The ConnectPrep Career Exploration Program is a comprehensive initiative designed to guide students in discovering and pursuing their career passions. Through expert-led workshops, personalized assessments, and real-world internships, participants gain invaluable insights into various industries and professions. This program helps students identify their strengths and interests, connecting them with professionals and opportunities in their desired fields.

Student Career Exploration

Our program offers comprehensive career exploration and guidance, helping students discover various career paths and understand the education each path requires. Through career interest assessments, interactions with professionals, and insights into emerging fields, we empower students to align their academic and extracurricular choices with their future career aspirations. Learn more about our career exploration initiatives.

Literacy and Technology Skills

In an era where technology is pivotal, we emphasize digital literacy and technology skills. Our curriculum covers essential tech skills, responsible digital tool usage, and digital citizenship principles. From coding workshops to digital content creation, we equip students with the skills needed in a digital world. Explore our digital literacy programs.

Preparing World Citizens

Our program fosters global awareness and cultural competence, preparing students to thrive in an interconnected world. We offer language learning, global affairs education, and cultural exchange programs, enhancing students’ understanding of diverse cultures and global issues. Discover how we cultivate global awareness and cultural competence.

Financial Literacy for Teens

Financial literacy is a vital life skill. Our program introduces students to personal finance management, budgeting, saving, and the basics of investing. These workshops and sessions equip students with the knowledge to make informed financial decisions. Learn about our approach to financial literacy and management.

Environmental Awareness and Sustainability

We are committed to educating students about environmental sustainability and stewardship. Our curriculum includes learning about climate change, sustainability projects, and renewable resources, encouraging eco-friendly practices and awareness. Explore our environmental awareness and sustainability programs.

Creative Arts Programs

Our creative arts programs encourage students to express themselves through various art forms. Whether it’s painting, music, drama, or creative writing, we provide platforms for creativity, enhancing critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Dive into our creative arts and expression offerings.

Integrated Study Skills program

Unlock your path to college success with our Study Skills program doesn’t just boost grades—it equips you with essential organizational skills for a seamless college advising process. Start building your academic future today.

Reduces stress and anxiety

Improves grades and time management

Builds confidence and motivation

Allows kids to have more time to be kids