Excel with ConnectPrep’s ACT tutoring. Achieve higher scores and college readiness. A solid ACT score can make the difference with being accepted into more competitive schools as well as qualifying for merit based scholarships.

Our methodologies DECONSTRUCT and SIMPLIFIES the ACT content and point out the key information needed to correctly answer questions from the verbal, math, reading, and writing sections of the ACT exam. The most important aspect is we can TEACH and that is what separates us from so many other companies pushing fancy credentials, offering guarantees, and re-do’s. Check out our results!


Here is how we help you prep for that BIG score:

1. A mini-diagnostic exam

Begin with our short SAT vs ACT diagnostic test to determine whether the SAT or the ACT is right for you.

2. Tailoring a test-prep program around your needs

Start prep early. Consider the summer between sophomore and junior year. This is a great time to start, without all the pressures of homework, exams, etc. Or start in the fall for early spring exams. However, most students start in the winter and prepare to take exams in the spring of their junior year, in plenty of time for college applications.

3. TEACH you the specific strategies needed to succeed

Consider whether you learn better working one-on-one with an instructor or in a small, online group setting. We offer both options and can tailor a program around your needs. Please reach out to us so we can help you decide.

4. Assess, track your progress, and make any necessary adjustments

We recommend a minimum of 12 weeks to prepare. Of course, we understand life gets in the way, so if you don’t have 12 weeks, we can certainly prepare a targeted prep course just for you.

5. Simulated test environments, proctored exams, and use of REAL SAT tests. We build a students confidence, focus, and endurance.

Show this test who’s the boss! We want you to score big the 1st time you take the ACT, however, this is a challenging test that may require multiple attempts to reach your target score. We teach you all the specific strategies to succeed on this exam from deconstructing this test, only focusing on what matters.

ConnectPrep's Innovative ACT Prep Curriculum

ConnectPrep introduces a groundbreaking approach to ACT preparation, fundamentally changing how students perceive and tackle these exams. Our unique training method focuses on developing a laser-sharp focus and an evidence-based mindset, enabling students to approach the test with a fresh perspective.

Key Elements of Our ACT Prep Training Approach

  1. Evidence-Based Strategy: We train students to zero in on finding evidence within the test content. This method enhances their ability to quickly identify and extract key information from questions and passages.

  2. Laser Focus Development: Our curriculum emphasizes the cultivation of intense concentration skills. Students learn to maintain a sharp focus throughout the test, crucial for maximizing efficiency and accuracy.

  3. Cognitive Flexibility: We teach techniques to adapt thinking processes on the fly, allowing students to switch strategies as needed for different types of questions.

  4. Pattern Recognition: Students are trained to recognize recurring patterns and question types, enabling them to anticipate and prepare for common challenges.

  5. Critical Analysis: Our approach enhances students’ ability to critically analyze text and data, focusing on evidence rather than assumptions or extraneous information.

  6. Mindset Shift: We encourage a complete mindset shift in how students view standardized tests, moving from a traditional approach to a more strategic, evidence-focused methodology.

  7. Stress Management: Part of seeing the test in a new light involves managing test anxiety. We equip students with tools to stay calm and focused, ensuring their mind is clear to apply the strategies they’ve learned.

The ConnectPrep Difference

  • Innovative Curriculum: Our curriculum is specifically designed to train the brain in new ways of thinking and focusing, tailored to the demands of the ACT and SAT.
  • Expert Guidance: Our tutors are not just subject matter experts; they are trained in cognitive and educational psychology, enabling them to effectively impart these unique brain training techniques.
  • Personalized Training: We understand that each student’s cognitive style is different. Our program is customized to align with individual learning styles and cognitive strengths.



Chris Agnew is an experienced instructor at ConnectPrep, known for his engaging and fun teaching approach. He specializes in a variety of subjects including all levels of math, economics, and test prep for K-12, GRE, GMAT, ACT, SAT, SSAT, SHSAT, HSPT, and ISEE. With over ten years of teaching experience and many five-star ratings, Chris is committed to creating a stress-free learning environment, empathizing with students’ academic challenges, and significantly improving their scores. He holds a B.A. in Economics from Pitzer College and enjoys writing, surfing, and singing karaoke in his free time

Ashwi B. is a seasoned teacher with 37 years of experience across India, Jamaica, and the United States, spanning high schools and the University of West Indies Medical School. Specializing in subjects like AP and A level biology, anatomy, physiology, and more, Ashwi focuses on interactive learning, creating “wow moments” through engaging content and innovative teaching methods. Emphasizing exploration, connection, and reflection, Ashwi’s approach fosters deep learning and personal growth among students, leading to notable achievements such as high scores on AP exams and success in the USA Biology Olympiad.

Matthew M. is a ConnectPrep instructor with a global perspective, holding a Ph.D. in Mathematics Education from the University of East Anglia, UK. He focuses on the integration of technology in education, particularly through 3D printing in math teaching. With degrees from New York University and Columbia University, Matthew has over eight years of experience teaching mathematics at various levels. He also tutors students for U.S. admission exams and leads the mathematics department at Northeastern University-London. Outside academia, Matthew is a runner, world traveler, and enjoys diverse outdoor activities.