Choosing Between the PSAT and PreACT

Master the PreACT/PSAT: Premier Test Prep with ConnectPrep

Choosing the right preparatory test is a crucial step in your college admission journey. Whether you lean towards the PSAT or the PreACT, we’re here to guide you through making an informed decision. Dive into our research and insights to prepare effectively for your future.

Understanding Your Options

PSAT: The Preliminary SAT

  • Overview: A precursor to the SAT, offering a glimpse into the SAT format and question types.
  • Benefits: Sharpens your SAT skills, with the added bonus of qualifying for the National Merit Scholarship Program.

PreACT: The Preliminary ACT

  • Overview: Mirrors the ACT, providing early exposure to ACT-style questions and timing.
  • Benefits: Helps gauge readiness for the ACT, with insights into potential career paths through its interest inventory section.

Key Differences to Consider

  • Test Structure & Content: While the PSAT aligns with the SAT’s content and structure, the PreACT offers a preview of what to expect on the ACT, including science reasoning.
  • Scoring & Feedback: Each test provides scores that predict your potential performance on their respective official exams, but their feedback mechanisms differ in focus and detail.
  • Scholarship Opportunities: PSAT scores can qualify you for scholarship programs, most notably the National Merit Scholarship.

Making Your Choice

Consider your college goals, preferred test style, and where you plan to apply. Reflect on which areas you wish to excel in and choose the test that best aligns with your academic and scholarship aspirations.


We can help you begin to prepare for either test. Please check out some of the PSAT/PreACT resources and contact us so we can help build a test-prep program around your needs.
Master the PreACT/PSAT: Premier Test Prep with ConnectPrep
Master the PreACT/PSAT: Premier Test Prep with ConnectPrep

PSAT breakdown

Consider the PSAT as the essential first step in your SAT preparation journey. Since its update in October 2015, the PSAT/NMSQT closely aligns with the SAT, offering a prime opportunity to practice under real test conditions.

Key Benefits:

  • SAT Readiness: The PSAT acts as a practical rehearsal, helping you identify strengths and areas for improvement before the actual SAT.
  • Scholarship Qualification: Excelling in the PSAT could qualify you for the National Merit Scholarship Program, with potential access to $180 million in scholarships annually.

Learn More

The PSAT is more than a preliminary test; it’s a gateway to SAT success and significant scholarship opportunities. For registration details and how to leverage the PSAT for your college journey, contact us today.


A multiple-choice assessment that provides 10th graders with short practice for the ACT test. Reporting offers a full view of student college and career readiness.

Why Offer PreACT?

PreACT simulates the ACT testing experience within a shorter test window on all four ACT test subjects:

English, math, reading and science.

Results predict future success on the ACT test, and provide both current achievement and projected future ACT test scores on the familiar 1-36 ACT score scale.

To help all students achieve success, accommodations offered include locally assigned accommodations and available Braille, large print, reader script and audio.

Key Benefits

Master the PreACT/PSAT: Premier Test Prep with ConnectPrep