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Our methodologies DECONSTRUCT the test, SIMPLIFY the content and POINT out the key information needed to correctly answer questions from any of the graduate school exams we teach (GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT). Using our unique test prep approach, along with having incredible instructors is what separates us from so many other companies pushing fancy credentials, offering guarantees, and re-do’s. Our results speak for themselves.

Grad Exam Victory: Unmatched Prep with Results

1. Tailoring a test-prep program around your needs

Our one on one test prep program aligns with your schedule and targets the exact areas of the test that need improvement. We will tailor a program around your needs.

Grad Exam Victory: Unmatched Prep with Results

2. TEACH you the specific strategies needed to succeed

We streamline and deconstruct any exam. Our focus is teaching you how to master your technique and then the timing with each test. You will learn how to deconstruct, streamline, and efficiently conquer any material.

Grad Exam Victory: Unmatched Prep with Results

3. Assess, track your progress, and make any necessary adjustments

We constantly assess and track your performance, identifying exactly what component of the test needs to be worked on. Each week you will receive a specialized test prep agenda that keeps you on track to achieving your high score.

Grad Exam Victory: Unmatched Prep with Results

4. Simulated test environments, proctored exams, and use of REAL tests

Once our students master the technique, we focus, on endurance and pace. We also will simulate test environments by proctoring real exams to help you prepare for the real thing.

Be at the Top of Your Game.

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Grad Exam Victory: Unmatched Prep with Results

Genius Instructors

Our goal is to provide you with the BEST teachers in the industry that translates to TOP RESULTS.

Grad Exam Victory: Unmatched Prep with Results

1:1 Instruction

With each student, we build a road-map that will guide you every step of the way. Our instructors build confidence, self-esteem, and lead by example with their students. We pride ourselves in our use of a variety of teaching methodologies to engage all learning styles.

Grad Exam Victory: Unmatched Prep with Results

A Customized Learning Plan

We create an individualized learning plan and constantly assess your specific strengths and challenges, that will allow us to monitor what works and to build on successes.

Grad Exam Victory: Unmatched Prep with Results

Conquer Any Exam

Our students choose ConnectPrep because they learn how to simplify these tests and earn a top score. Each test is an opportunity to strengthen your application and separate yourself from the rest. At ConnectPrep, we help you conquer all standardized tests and reach all of your academic goals.

Master Top Admissions Tests with ConnectPrep

ConnectPrep offers specialized tutoring to guide you through the challenging landscape of admissions tests. Whether you’re aiming for graduate school, business school, law school, or medical school, we’re here to help you excel. Dive into comprehensive preparation for:

Grad Exam Victory: Unmatched Prep with Results

Master the Graduate Record Exam with ConnectPrep

Unlock your potential for graduate school admissions with our comprehensive GRE test prep program. As one of the leading test preparation service, ConnectPrep ensures students are fully equipped to tackle every section of the GRE—from intricate question interpretation and efficient time management strategies to mastering reading comprehension and essay writing.

Why is the GRE Essential?

The GRE (Graduate Record Exam) stands as a pivotal component for admissions to various graduate programs and an increasing number of MBA courses. Recognized as the most prevalent test for graduate admissions, the GRE’s significance is undeniable. Crafted, published, and refined by the non-profit organization, Educational Testing Services (ETS), the GRE not only evaluates a student’s academic capabilities but also, when combined with undergraduate grades, offers a holistic view of a student’s readiness for graduate-level challenges.

Flexible GRE Testing Options

Convenience meets capability. The computer-based GRE is readily available at numerous testing centers across the United States, ensuring students can take the test at a time that suits them. For those overseas, select locations offer a paper-based version of the GRE, making global accessibility a priority.

Why Choose ConnectPrep for GRE Preparation?

Our expert-level instruction covers all facets of the GRE content. We not only focus on the core content but also the nuances like quantitative comparisons and strategic approaches to maximize scores. With ConnectPrep, you’re not just preparing for an exam; you’re setting the stage for your academic future.

Ready to conquer the GRE? Get started with ConnectPrep today and take the next step in your academic journey.

Grad Exam Victory: Unmatched Prep with Results

Secure Your MBA Admission with our unique GMAT prep program

Aspiring for an MBA? The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is your gateway. Recognized by leading business schools in the U.S., the GMAT evaluates your analytical, writing, quantitative, and verbal skills—all crucial for your MBA journey. With ConnectPrep’s bespoke GMAT tutoring, you’ll gain unparalleled insights into the test, from time management to data sufficiency techniques, ensuring you stand out in your application process.

About the GMAT

The GMAT stands tall as the most universally acknowledged test for graduate management programs. Owned, crafted, and continually refined by the non-profit organization, Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), its credibility is second to none. Recent enhancements to the GMAT include a streamlined analytical writing section and the addition of an Integrated Reasoning segment, ensuring students are assessed on current managerial competencies.

Seamless GMAT Test Accessibility

With a focus on convenience, the computer-based GMAT is accessible at a multitude of testing centers across the United States. This continuous availability ensures you can pick a time that aligns with your preparation and confidence levels.

Why Trust ConnectPrep for GMAT Success?

Our individualized GMAT program is more than just tutoring—it’s a strategy for success. Dive deep into GMAT-centric content, from intricate question interpretation and reading comprehension to honing your essay writing skills. With ConnectPrep, you’re equipped with the tools, techniques, and confidence to ace the GMAT.

Eager to elevate your MBA application? Join ConnectPrep’s GMAT tutoring program and pave the way for your business school journey.

Grad Exam Victory: Unmatched Prep with Results

Learn how To Simplify and Deconstruct the LSAT

Eyeing a career in law? The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is a pivotal step in your journey. At ConnectPrep, we’ve perfected the art of LSAT preparation. From intricate logic games to comprehensive reading sections, our expert instructors are poised to guide you through the LSAT’s maze.

ConnectPrep Comprehensive LSAT Preparation Program

Our LSAT prep program is more than just learning the syllabus; it’s about understanding the nuances of the exam, simplifying its complex layers, and navigating confidently through its challenging waters to achieve scores in the 98th and 99th percentiles. Here’s a detailed overview:

Unique Curriculum:


  • Logical Reasoning: Master the art of identifying argument structures, evaluating reasoning, and applying logic to solve problems.
  • Analytical Reasoning: Develop the ability to understand a structure of relationships and draw logical conclusions about that structure.
  • Reading Comprehension: Enhance your skills in reading and understanding complex texts, identifying main ideas, and making inferences.
  • Writing Sample: Learn to present a well-reasoned analysis based on a set of facts, demonstrating your ability to communicate effectively in writing.


Deconstructing the LSAT:

At the heart of our program is the ability to deconstruct and simplify. We believe the LSAT, at its core, is a test of thinking and reasoning. Our approach, in collaboration with ConnectPrep:


  • Pattern Recognition: Learn to identify recurring patterns in questions, aiding in quicker recognition and solution.
  • Test Strategies: Equip yourself with techniques like ‘Process of Elimination’ and ‘Answer Prediction’, which are invaluable in the multiple-choice setting of the LSAT.
  • Time Management: We break down the test into sections, teaching students how to allocate their time efficiently, ensuring no question is left behind.

Practice Tests and Progress Tracking:

Every mock test is an opportunity to apply the deconstruction techniques. Post each test, our detailed score reports emphasize not just what you got wrong, but why, ensuring consistent improvement.

Final Review: 

This session is about connecting all the dots. Having deconstructed the LSAT over the course of the program, we’ll help you integrate all you’ve learned, refine your strategies, and boost your confidence, ensuring you’re fully prepared on test day to achieve top-tier results.

Set your sights on law school? Let’s journey together. Join ConnectPrep’s LSAT program and redefine your potential.

Grad Exam Victory: Unmatched Prep with Results

Master the MCAT with Expert Tutoring at ConnectPrep

The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), pivotal for aspiring physicians, is a product of the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). Known for its exhaustive content, the MCAT is a milestone on the path to medical school.

MCAT 2015: Expanding Horizons

With the 2015 revision, the MCAT ushered in Psychology and Sociology sections, augmenting an already comprehensive exam. Such inclusions emphasize the importance of a well-rounded understanding in the medical field.

Regular Test Sessions Year-Round

Offered about 30 times a year, from mid-January to mid-September, the computer-based MCAT provides flexible scheduling, ensuring optimal readiness.

Dedicated MCAT Tutoring with ConnectPrep

For those eyeing a medical career, the MCAT is often seen as a make-or-break component. At ConnectPrep, our certified MCAT tutors utilize a unique curriculum to ready you for success. Dive deep into:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Biochemistry
  • Physics
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Reading comprehension
  • Scientific inquiry and reasoning

Benefit from our top-tier instruction, learn pacing techniques, and master every test section. Kickstart your MCAT journey with ConnectPrep.

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