BS/MD Advising

Empowering Future Medical Professionals

Welcome to ConnectPrep's BS/MD Advising Program – your pathway to a successful career in medicine. Our program is designed to guide ambitious high school students through the challenging yet rewarding journey of gaining admission into BS/MD programs.

Why Choose Our BS/MD Advising Program?

We cover all aspects of the BS/MD application process, from selecting the right programs to crafting compelling personal statements and excelling in interviews.

From crafting standout applications to writing compelling personal statements, our team ensures every aspect of the application process is meticulously handled, increasing the chances of acceptance into elite BS/MD programs.

Our students have successfully gained admission to top BS/MD programs across the country, thanks to our strategic approach and continuous support.

Our interview coaching includes mock sessions and feedback from experts, equipping students with the confidence and skills to excel in the highly competitive BS/MD interview process.

We emphasize the development of a well-rounded profile, including leadership skills, community service, and healthcare exposure, making our students ideal candidates for top BS/MD programs.



Networking and Exposure

We offer networking opportunities with medical professionals and current BS/MD students, providing invaluable insights and real-world exposure to the medical field.

  • Connect with Leaders: Network with top medical professionals and BS/MD students. Gain essential insights for a thriving medical career.

  • Internships & Research Opportunities: Access high-quality internships and research projects in prestigious medical institutions. Enhance your resume with practical, expert-guided experience.

  • Real-World Medical Insights: Discuss the latest advancements and education challenges in medicine. Explore diverse medical career paths with experienced mentors.

  • Beyond Classroom Learning: Network with BS/MD peers and immerse in the medical community early for a competitive edge. Prepare for your medical future with practical exposure and community involvement.


Regular Progress Tracking

Our program includes regular assessments and progress tracking, providing students and parents with clear insights into the student's development and areas for improvement

  • Regular Assessments for Growth: We conduct frequent assessments to identify students’ strengths and areas for improvement, enabling customized learning strategies.

  • Transparent Progress Tracking: Our system keeps students and parents updated on academic achievements and upcoming goals, ensuring clarity in the learning journey.

  • Personalized Feedback for Improvement: Each assessment is followed by detailed feedback, focusing not just on grades but on actionable advice for skill enhancement and overcoming challenges.

  • Goal-Oriented Learning: Our program is designed with clear, attainable objectives in mind, catering to various goals like exam preparation, topic mastery, or critical thinking development.

  • Engaging Parents in Education: We emphasize parental involvement, providing regular updates and open communication to make parents active partners in their child’s educational progress.

Customized Mentorship

Each student receives one-on-one mentorship, ensuring personalized attention and guidance tailored to their unique goals and academic journey.

  • Personalized Mentorship: Each student receives individual attention from a dedicated mentor, tailored to their learning style and academic goals.

  • Targeted Academic Goals: Mentors collaborate with students to set and achieve specific academic and personal targets, offering tailored support and actionable strategies.

  • Consistent Progress Monitoring: Regular check-ins by mentors ensure continuous tracking of progress, timely addressing of challenges, and strategy adjustments for consistent growth.

  • Emphasis on Holistic Development: Our mentorship extends beyond academics, focusing on soft skills enhancement, confidence building, and nurturing a growth mindset for all-around personal development.

Ongoing Support and Advice

Our commitment extends beyond applications; we provide ongoing support and advice throughout the student's high school journey, ensuring they are always on the right path towards their medical career.

  • Ongoing Support Beyond Applications: We extend our support far beyond just the application process, accompanying students throughout their entire high school journey.

  • Consistent Guidance and Advice: Our team provides regular guidance and advice, ensuring students remain aligned with their medical career aspirations at every stage of their high school education.

  • Keeping Students on the Right Path: We actively monitor and assist in the student’s academic and extracurricular activities, ensuring they are always on the right trajectory towards their future in medicine.

Holistic Profile Development

We emphasize the development of a well-rounded profile, including leadership skills, community service, and healthcare exposure, making our students ideal candidates for top BS/MD programs.

  • Holistic Profile Development: We prioritize the development of a well-rounded profile, recognizing that top BS/MD programs look for more than just academic excellence.

  • Cultivating Leadership Skills: Our approach includes fostering leadership qualities, essential for future medical professionals. We provide opportunities and guidance to help students demonstrate and enhance their leadership capabilities.

  • Encouraging Community Service: We emphasize the importance of community service, guiding students to engage in meaningful volunteer work. This not only contributes to personal growth but also showcases their commitment to societal well-being.

  • Healthcare Exposure: Gaining firsthand experience in healthcare settings is crucial. We facilitate opportunities for students to gain exposure to the medical field, enhancing their understanding and passion for a career in medicine.

Strategic Test Preparation

We offer specialized SAT/ACT preparation, focusing on strategies that lead to top percentile scores. Our approach is tailored to enhance students' strengths and address their weaknesses.

  • Focused Study Approach: Our program is engineered for efficient learning, ensuring each study session is impactful and productive.

  • In-Depth Curriculum Coverage: Covering all key exam areas — reading, writing, math, and ACT science reasoning — our comprehensive curriculum is taught by experienced tutors. It’s designed to break down test questions, teach vital strategies, and develop analytical skills.

  • Regular Testing and Feedback: Students take frequent practice tests to assess progress and identify improvement areas. Detailed score reports and tailored feedback help sharpen skills and boost confidence.

  • Customized Preparation Strategy: We personalize our method to each student, reinforcing strengths and improving weaknesses for balanced test prep.

  • Comprehensive Final Review: Before the test, we conduct thorough review sessions, ensuring students are well-prepared and confident.

Our Comprehensive BS/MD Application Process


Initial Assessment and Planning

Consultation: Begin with an initial consultation to assess the student's academic standing, extracurricular activities, and career aspirations. Program Selection: Identify and select BS/MD programs that align with the student's profile and preferences.


Academic Preparation

Coursework Planning: Advise on high school course selection, focusing on advanced science and math courses. GPA Management: Monitor and strategize for maintaining a high GPA.


Standardized Test Preparation

SAT/ACT Planning: Schedule and prepare for the SAT or ACT exams, aiming for scores that meet or exceed the requirements of targeted BS/MD programs. Practice Tests: Regular practice tests to track progress and identify areas for improvement.


Extracurricular and Leadership Development

Extracurricular Activities: Guide in choosing and excelling in extracurricular activities relevant to a medical career. Clinical Exposure: Encourage participation in healthcare-related volunteering, shadowing, or internships.


Application Crafting

Personal Statement: Assist in writing a compelling personal statement that highlights the student's passion for medicine. Application Forms: Help in filling out application forms accurately and effectively.


Recommendation Letters

Identifying Recommenders: Advise on selecting appropriate individuals for recommendation letters. Guidance for Recommenders: Provide guidelines to recommenders for crafting impactful letters.


Interview Preparation

Mock Interviews: Conduct mock interviews to simulate the actual BS/MD program interviews. Feedback and Improvement: Provide constructive feedback to improve interview performance.


Application Review and Submission

Final Review: Conduct a thorough review of all application materials. Submission Guidance: Guide through the submission process, ensuring all deadlines are met.


Post-Submission Follow-up

Communication with Programs: Manage correspondence with BS/MD programs post-submission. Waitlist Strategies: If waitlisted, assist in developing strategies to enhance the chance of acceptance.


Decision and Next Steps

Evaluating Offers: Assist in evaluating and deciding among admission offers. Preparation for Transition: Provide guidance on preparing for the transition to the BS/MD program.


Financial Planning and Scholarship Assistance

Financial Aid Counseling: Provide guidance on understanding and applying for financial aid, including FAFSA and other financial aid forms. Scholarship Search: Assist in identifying and applying for scholarships relevant to BS/MD students, helping to alleviate the financial burden of medical education.


Long-term Career Planning

Offer advice on long-term career planning in the medical field, including insights into various specialties and career paths. Professional Development: Guide students in developing a professional portfolio and network that will be beneficial throughout their medical career, including research opportunities, publications, and professional connections.

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