Who knew fourth-grade math could be so difficult? Being a parent is hard, but being both a parent and a homeschool teacher is even harder. With COVID-19 creating an uncertain future, we want you to know that ConnectPrep is here for you. We help supplement the learning provided by your children’s school system with individual, one-on-one help. Our educational instructors are capable of teaching a variety of subjects ranging from kindergarten classes to AP/IB high school courses. We are even planning to incorporate certain technological skills into our curriculum to help students prepare for an increasingly code-reliant and technology-based future. Regardless of what your student might need help with, we are here for you. We’ve helped hundreds of students improve their academics and achieve their goals of attending top-tier schools such as Georgetown, Johns Hopkins, Columbia, Stanford, and more. Wherever your child is in their academic career, we will work to improve not only their knowledge and understanding of course material but also help them to develop study skills such as time management, organization, and note-taking. To learn more about how ConnectPrep can benefit your friends and family, visit us at ConnectPrep.com or call us at (914) 288-5718.

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