General Tips & Advice for Parents during COVID-19

The impact of COVID-19 has affected everyone in different ways, but most parents of K-12 students are experiencing similar issues. Whether it’s teaching your student what they didn’t fully understand in the classroom, online, or figuring out how to manage your work-life when your child is home multiple days a week, it’s been especially hard for families. Because the pandemic has no clear end in sight, ConnectPrep has created a list of tips for parents to help cope with these new and challenging times. Be sure to check back next week for a similar blog directed to students which will include our full resource guide. This guide will not only provide them with supplemental materials to facilitate their learning, but it will also take some of the burden off of you as a “part-time homeschool teacher”!


     1. Check-in with your student

Make sure your child has the resources they need to succeed. Have conversations with them about their study habits and how school is going. Do they have a quiet place to study? Are they getting distracted often? Are they completing their assignments on time? Because teachers are interacting with students less often, it’s important to see how your child is doing and ensure that they’re getting the most out of their education. 

     2. Talk with other parents

Everyone is going through the same situation right now which means you’re not alone. Reach out to parents in your area for advice. Each family is dealing with the impacts of COVID-19 in different ways which means there are lots of ideas out there which have yet to be heard. Parents might have good solutions to the new complexities around school like getting extra help, balancing your work schedule with your child’s schooling, or assisting with homework assignments. Don’t be afraid to reach out because all parents are in a similar boat. Local groups on Facebook or Nextdoor can be a good place to start. Also, reach out to your PTA for other ideas and activities that can help connect you to your community.

     3. Speak with your child’s teacher or school counselor

Like parents and students, teachers are going through this for the first time as well. If you have any recommendations or ideas which could help your student (and others), speak up! Teachers and counselors are responsible for the education and comfort of many students, and nobody knows what these students are going through better than you. Tell the school what is working well for your child and what is not. Chances are, other students and parents have similar perspectives and thoughts. 

     4. Empathize with your child

Being a kid today is a lot different than when you grew up. Let them know that you understand their frustrations and offer to talk about them. Acknowledge the fact that times are tough and think about talking to them about how COVID-19 is affecting your life too. It’s important that they understand that they’re not alone. 

     5. Think about the future

Some days, there might not be that much going on. Compared to a normal school year, many students (and parents) have less activities or obligations to attend. Since there is more time on our hands, think about setting long-term goals for you or your student. Bring up the idea of applying to a job or an internship, starting their college search early, or getting a head start on SAT/ACT test prep. Even if it isn’t academic-related, goals like preparing for a 5K, writing a song, or building a surfboard are great ways to be productive and make use of the extra time we might have.

     6. Enjoy family time

Being home on a computer all day can be exhausting for both students and parents. Set aside time away from the computer screen and get together as a family. Try cooking dinner together or making a tasty dessert. Board games, movie nights, or kicking around a soccer ball are all activities which can be done as a family and help clear your mind and relax. Even though your family is at home together more often than before, it is important to create time where everyone can come together as a family and spend time with one another.

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Jon Aho

Development Team
Jon is a Electrical and Computer Engineering student at the University of Rochester. He’s been coding for nearly 7 years, and has a number of comprehensive software and hardware projects under his belt. Currently employed as a Research Fellow at his university, he also works at implementing the ConnectPrep Analytics website.

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