Current SAT / ACT Myths

You are a junior in high school – congratulations! Or maybe you are a sophomore and you like to plan ahead – we’re impressed! Here at ConnectPrep, we have options for standardized test prep, including private, one-on-one tutoring* or in an online classroom settings.

First, check out these SAT/ACT myths!

Myth 1:

You should take both the SAT and the ACT.


Many guidance counselors suggest that you take the SAT and, why not, take the ACT also. This strategy is at best, a waste of time and at worst, a motivation killer. Instead, we recommend our short SAT vs ACT diagnostic test to determine which test is more suitable for your learning style, followed by comprehensive prep for that test.

Myth 2:

The SAT is harder and requires preparation. The ACT is easier and does not.


Both the SAT and the ACT are challenging tests, but in different ways. Most students will naturally, without any prep, do better on one than the other. We believe it is smarter to determine which test suits YOU better, and then prepare thoroughly for that test, using a combination of curriculum review and practice problems.

Myth 3:

If you take only the ACT, you cannot get into college.


The ACT is accepted by all 4-year colleges and universities in the United States. The idea that the ACT is some sort of “alternative” test is untrue. In fact, recently, the ACT surpassed the SAT as the most frequently-taken college entrance exam.

If the NEW SAT is more suitable for you (March, 2016), our Test Prep Team at ConnectPrep is ready to help you. Also, please visit our SAT sections on the website for more info.

Myth 4:

Schools like to see that you took both the SAT and the ACT.

Some schools do accept both, but why not pick the right test for you, score as high as possible, and submit that score? Even if you do take both, one will be higher, so why let the lower score tarnish the higher score? A high GPA and a high SAT or ACT score are what colleges are looking for.