Did you know that in 2019, only 45% of students who took the SAT met college readiness benchmarks in both math and evidence-based reading and writing? Similarly, only 37% of ACT test-takers met at least three of the four readiness benchmarks – English, math, reading, and science. Even though many colleges have become test-optional, the ACT and SAT are still an important component of a student’s college application. These exams are tricky and often stressful for students. Bulky practice textbooks are intimidating and sometimes sit unopened in a student’s bedroom for weeks. And who can blame them for not wanting to open a textbook and teach themselves an entire test? After all, their teachers didn’t teach them algebra by simply dropping a textbook on their desk and requesting that they read it. They were taught in a live and interactive way. That’s where ConnectPrep comes in. Our unique curriculum deconstructs and simplifies the tests. The first step is to take a diagnostic exam to help determine whether the ACT or SAT is the right fit for you. We then tailor a test-prep program around your needs and learning styles. We are firm believers in individualized instruction, as a one size fits all, “assembly line” approach doesn’t maximize a test taker’s ability to master either test. From teaching you specific ConnectPrep test strategies, to proctored exams to work on timing, we constantly assess and adjust our program around your needs. This will ensure that we focus on the areas that will take your score to the next level. As a result, our students consistently master either test and score in the 97th to 99th percentiles. To learn more about how ConnectPrep can benefit you or your high schooler, visit us at www.ConnectPrep.com or call us at (914) 288-5718. Sources: https://www.act.org/content/dam/act/unsecured/documents/National-CCCR-2019.pdf https://reports.collegeboard.org/sat-suite-program-results/class-2019-results

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