Whether you are a student, an adult who grew up in the U.S., or the parent of a child here, you have experienced the U.S. education system in some way, shape, or form. And like anything in life, school has its ups and downs. But have you ever wondered what other, current students across America are saying about education? According to a New York Times Article written by The Learning Network, students provided some feedback on how their educational experience could be improved:
  1. Put less pressure on students.
  2. Use less tech in the classroom (…or more).
  3. Prepare students for real life.
  4. Eliminate standardized tests.
  5. Give teachers more money and support.
  6. Make lessons more engaging.
  7. Create better learning environments.
  8. Support students’ families.
  9. De-emphasize grades.
  10. Praise for great teachers
At ConnectPrep, we work to address some of these needs from outside the classroom. By recruiting top teachers, we work with students individually to address their needs. Our goal is to relieve stress by working through difficult topics with a fun, personalized, engaging, and interactive approach. We connect concepts, simplify, and create opportunities for students of all ages to excel in the classroom. ConnectPrep is committed to change the way we look at education, by leading our students on a pursuit of academic excellence. Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/12/19/learning/what-students-are-saying-about-how-to-improve-american-education.html

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